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INSTO network

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The UNWTO International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (INSTO) was created in 2004 with the main objective to support the continuous improvement of sustainability and resilience in the tourism sector through systematic, timely and regular monitoring of tourism performance and impact and to connect dedicated destinations in order to better understand destination-wide resource use and foster the responsible management of tourism.

Through the systematic application of monitoring, evaluation and information management techniques, the initiative provides policy makers, planners, tourism managers and other relevant stakeholders with key tools to strengthen institutional capacities to support the formulation and implementation of sustainable tourism policies, strategies, plans and management processes.

Main objectives of INSTO network are:

  • Integrated Approach- to provide a framework for the systematic, timely and regular monitoring of resource-use and a better understanding of the impact of tourism.
  • Evidence - to establish a strong foundation of tangible and structured data for well-informed decision making.
  • Stakeholder Empowerment - to actively engage local stakeholders in the measurement of risks, costs, impacts, limits and opportunities through an inclusive and participatory approach.
  • Network and Learn - to exchange information for improved knowledge, collaboration, communication and greater public accountability.
  • Performance Measurement - to monitor and advise on the implementation of sustainable development plans, policies and management actions.
  • Continuity- to foster long-term commitment for regular monitoring.

By becoming a member of the INSTO network, destinations join a group of dedicated partners who commit to continuous measurement efforts at the destination level, embracing the context-sensitive and dynamic nature of the concept ‘sustainability’ itself. While traditional data sources play a crucial role in the measurement activities, partners in the network are increasingly applying, and are encouraged to use, new and innovative data sources that allow for stronger evidence helping to create more resilient destinations.

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